Why Has Lincolnshire IT Limited Taken Over MBS Wizzywebs


A Personal Message From The Owner of MBS Wizzywebs

I have always focussed on customer service and “one person cannot do it all”. As MBS has grown, it is becoming difficult on my own to fulfil all customer requirements to provide the top notch service that I have always wanted to provide. Of late, I felt that the service I provided has been less than satisfactory, something which concerns me. Services such as web hosting require constant capital investment, which I cannot do on my own.
Just over two years ago, after much consultation, I teamed up with a long term friend and colleague. Together we set up a new company, Lincolnshire IT Limited, of which I am a co-director. This enables us together with our carefully selected service partners to offer the full range of IT solutions without compromising on customer service or service quality, restoring levels of service to what I alone used to provide.
Whilst the name may have changed, I am an integral part of Lincolnshire IT, so as an existing customer of MBS, it will be myself you will speak to most of the time. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Kind Regards
For all existing enquiries, please email sales@lincolnshire.it